The girl with the Suitcase Heart

I have always like the idea of solo travelling. Ever since 2014 when I got actively involved in Couchsurfing, I got to know alot of free-spirited-solo-travelers. In turn, they spark the curiosity Ive always knew I had in me.

To be completely honest, with everything that has been happening and the things that hasn't; I know I needed this, Yes, maybe I am running away. Maybe, I am travelling alone to get over a failed relationship. Maybe I am solo travelling because I needed to understand my place in this world. Maybe it is simply because I'd like to expand my horizon as cliche as it sounds.

This experience is either going to break me or make me. Either way, I have nothing to lose. Oh yes, I do have fears.. fear of being attacked, rape or whatever bad events you have seen in the movies. But eventually, I realize these fears are all excuses stopping me from attaining the adventures my heart long seek for.The only fear I have right now, is the fear of not living my dreams.

I booked my flight ticket to Spain shortly after I returned from my Europe trip in May/June. That Spring Europe trip was all it takes for me to realize how much there is to discover out there! By the time I returned home, I was burning with the passion to explore! ( In fact, I could have sworn I went crazy just walking by this small city!)

Really,I could actually feel myself developing into an open minded woman who is more aware. I felt different. I felt more connected. I understand then from that trip that we live for the beauty we sought in life. *having some moment right now*(blame it on my gypsy soul :p)

People who actually know me personally are all convinced that I've become crazy! Because, I am a very girly girl, I wear heels ALL the time, I hardly wear jeans & shirts. Basically, no one can actually see me solo travelling with a huge backpack; not even me! When I talk about this to my friends & family, they just nod politely & ignore my "escaping plans to search " and be like " you won't survive!" .  When the days are getting nearer & it begin to sink it; they all resort to the fact that I have changed for the worse.
(Don't be surprised if its your closest ones who are the least supportive)

Then it occurs to me that maybe, I am also doing this because I was tired.Tired of always being misunderstood for somebody I am completely not. Perhaps it is the way I dress. Perhaps its the way I get enthusiastic over the smallest things or how completely naive I can be. Perhaps it is because everyone my age is getting married and saving up for a house while I spent my money on tickets. Strangely, people are worried about me more than I am.

I needed this to break free from everyone's interpretation and expectation of Me. I felt I was in danger because I was lulled into a false sense of security they have led me to believe. Study Hard, Get a respectable career, Get married, Buy a house & have kids! If this is achieved by 25 years old, Congratulations! you are successful & your life is complete.

There is no way I was born to just pay bills and die. *flips hair

To all the girls out there who have always wanted to live differently, I urge you to escape into the adventure you've always wanted! Lose yourself in your actions of passion! Life is about daring adventure or nothing at all ;)

Sometimes, Its good to get away to a place where no one knows you, no one can judge you and you'll have the sense of freedom you desire to reflect, receive and recover!

“Time to leave now, get out of this room, go somewhere, anywhere; sharpen this feeling of happiness and freedom, stretch your limbs, fill your eyes, be awake, wider awake, vividly awake in every sense and every pore.” Stefan Zweig

May the wind always blow your hair!
Iqah Jasmine