The Route to Spain : #1 Preparation

Initially, I created this blog to write down my travels. But I realize that the start of an adventure begins the moment you start planning your trip! There's nothing like the excitement of researching for places to see and things to do. Although most of the time, you end up doing completely the opposite of what you plan! hehe *shrugs*

Here are the messy and unprofessional details of my trip :p

I use Skyscanner to monitor and compare the prices for different airlines. I book my tickets in July, 2 months prior to the actual travel. Of course, most of the time the earlier you book the cheaper you can get!

Eventually, I booked my flight for SGD$1176.20 with Qatar Airways. My flight itinerary is as such

Singapore - Stopover in Doha- Barcelona/ Madrid-Stopover in Doha - Singapore

Due to my work leaves limitation, I am only going for 2 weeks (yes i know, i know too short :/ ). Therefore, time management is crucial when planning for this trip!

Barcelona, mas que un equipo de futbol, es considerada una de las ciudades mas hermosas del mundo.: Casa Batlló, Barcelona Spain... ADORE all of Gaudi's work! even more phenomenal in person. Oh Barcelona, how I adore thee.:

I am heading to Southern Spain so I have to book train ticket & bus tickers to get across.

Barcelona  to Valencia via train = SGD$34
Valencia to Granada via bus = $36.
Granada to Madrid via bus = $36.42

Altogether I spent a total of SGD$1282.62 only on the transportation to get around the city.

Of course, you can definitely find cheaper alternatives like HitchHiking! It is something I'd love to do but again, time management is the problem here. I would definitely hitchhike if I dont have any concrete dates.

As for accommodation wise, I normally prefer to Couchsurf. Couchsurfing is something I would highly recommend every traveler to try because the experience is unique and enriching!

There are a few of my amazing hosts!!
 My Europe trip in May would not have been that spectacular and memorable if it isnt for my hosts!

However, This time round, I really wanted to experience staying in a hostel so I decided to book one for my stay in Barcelona. For 4 nights at Kabul Backpackers Hostel (BestHostels in Bcn) for SGD $108. (P.S they say staying in a hostel is another great way to meet people! ) In Valencia, I am staying with Jeremy, a lovely friend I met in London. In Granada and Madrid I managed to find people to host me which is just wonderful :)

It is always good to make friends with the locals prior to travelling because they will give you advice on how to make the best of your time and budget there. Or you can always just ask anyone you know who has traveled there before! Read Travel Vlogs especially ones written by backpackers, they will give you important insights!  Watch Youtube Travel Vlogs! Do your Research! And most importantly, ensure your purpose of travelling will be fulfilled :D
Based on the things I love, like watching sunsets ; I would make sure I find the best place in the city to chase it .Trust me, its the simple things in life that are most valuable :)

 Bonjour tout le monde ! Et voici un tout nouveau mini album, sous forme de classeur, fabriqué de A à Z avec la belle collection &SOUVENIR& de Bo bunny.:
P.S Get yourself a travel journal to list all the important researches you've done, your ticket and flight details. Of course, I always love to write down my adventures in the journal at the end of each day. Once you have traveled the world, you'll have a journal for each city! That'd be such a prized possession! :p  (Travel Journal)

I'll end this post with some videos from the explorer herself, Sonia! She is amazing and I learnt alot of travelling tips from her!

Anyone can be a tourist but not everyone can be a traveler :p

Lots of Sunshine!
Iqah J