Barcelona Bound

So I made it to Berce-freaking-lonaa!! *twerks* The adventure started off right when the plane took off! I was having a minor anxiety attack in the plane when there was a woman seating beside me with 4 cups of red wine in front of her. She told me to get one and relax because she was just as nervous.Turns out that she is meeting her spanish lover in Barcelona whom she havent met for a long time and I was just freaking out about the thought of being all alone in Spain.

So one *cup led to another, we had a party right on the plane enroute to BCN. It was one of the funniest if not memorable flight yet. I couldnt even carry my backpack at the immigration :')

So I headed to one of the most popular hostel in Barcelona, Kabul's Hostel. The Hostel was pretty cool and the location is perfect! Right on La Rambla. The staff were friendly. But there was only one issue: - I couldnt get a proper rest. My mixed dorm was filled with loud German boys and I was jet lagged. So it was incredibly frustrating. I was the only girl there & there was an Australian girl ( but she was more friendly with them Germans) 

The first day in Barcelona, I only managed to visit Gaudi's Casa Batllo which was nothing but stunning!! I was there for 3 hours till it closes. You know, just admiring the interior design and architecture. What an insight! it feels like being inside the sea world of Gaudi's imagination.
Went to the rooftop to catch my first sunset in Barcelona. The feeling was indescribable. I felt a sense of freedom filled me as I absorbed the last ray of the Mediterranean sun.

The following day, I booked myself a room in an apartment near Sagrada Familia, Of course, typical Iqah got lost trynna get there. It was supposed to take me 30 mins but 2 hours later, I was still lost. I asked a pretty girl for directions thinking she was local, best decision made so far! Turns out she is a solo traveler from England with a great sense of direction! SCORE! This sweetheart sent me to my apartment and we decided to spend the day touring Barce together.  We went to Sagrada Familia, ate tapas at La Rambla, Singing & Dancing, eat churros at Barceloneta Beach. It was so much fun!!

This is the beauty of travelling alone. You meet people. And if you're lucky enough, you'll meet someone who completely understands your life because they went through the same thing. It amazes me how similar we both are despite her being English and me from Asia.

Woke up early the next day to visit Parc Guell and thats when I realize how cute most of the Policemen were.

hehe. Anyway, yes, Parc Guell was absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed the amazing scenery away from the city.

There was flamenco dancer tapping away as I closed my eyes and breathed in the whole ambiance. The plucking of guitar strings, the sound of birds, people laughing, I could stay like that longer if its not for my tight schedule.

Things I appreciate. Musicians, the artists, the poets

Ok ok, this has got to be my favorite in Barcelona! This majestic museum and the Font Magica! NOT TO BE MISSED NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES!

I dont know how to describe this grand picturesque place. Even the blue sky complements it well. 
I swear there isnt a place here where you won't stop to take a selfie with. kekeke. oh so asian

Yes, I waited for 2 hours for the Font Magica. I mean not cool because it was supposed to start at 7.30 but it only did at about 9. Some people sacrifice to be there on time you know! (like how I didnt pee the entire time even though I had to because I was afraid to miss it)  So be prepared to WAIT guys,
Of course, when it finally begin, it made everything else worth it ;)

Ending this amateur travel blog post with a picture of my most favorite book to bring along whenever I travel.

The Little Prince. Yes, I bring this to read whenever I travel. Someone very dear to me introduced me to this book. And I love it. To me, its like a reminder of life and who you are. I plan to collect this book in every language ever written.

Overall, I enjoyed Barcelona even though I didnt experience its party scene .. even though it was raining, even though they couldnt really speak english. It was still an adventure I know I won't ever forget.