24hrs in Valencia

Venturing Valencia in 24 hours was probably the SADDEST thing I've ever done considering how incredible this city is!

What I remember vividly about Valencia is that it has a mesmerizing sunset that painted the whole city gold. It has a balance of futuristic buildings & striking old quarters. You'll see orange trees everywhere and their paella is delicious! This place is filled with children laughing & beach bums , best part is that its not expensive; making Valencia the perfect getaway! Ouh did I also mention that it was in Valencia that I dropped my new iPhone6 from the 4th floor while ..taking a selfie? YES. That happen, so Valencia, nope, I aint forgetting you,

 photo 5c9a31c2-ede0-4449-93e0-99ce92b22647_zpsa8esmegn.jpg 
  I had a special time in Valencia because of my friend, Jeremy.I know this funny chap when I was roaming aimlessly in London. And now, he is my tour guide in Valencia! How convenient :p

So what to do if you only have 24 hours in Valencia?
These are the few places that I managed to see and was sufficient to make me love this city!

 1.Get transported back to olden times at one of the best-preserved monument! Torres de Serranos

 photo b5ca771d-3b2c-46dd-bd1a-b40f1250757c_zpslmg0e8wf.jpg

Though I only saw it from the outside, this tower is pretty cool. Best to know a bit of it's history. The towers were mainly use for defence but later as a prison. Its crazy to imagine how this tower was used years ago!

2. Take a stroll down Antiguo Cauce del Rio Turia

 photo 08d784a7-e360-44f9-993a-0f7fce3654d6_zpscmi6dpvj.jpg

Imagine strolling down a path with Orange Trees, watching people having a picnic, Children playing, some even doing yoga but mostly Cycling! This old riverbed has been transformed into a unique park for everyone to unwind.Although, I really got excited when I saw how huge the playground was!

 photo 78e1c5d8-1e2a-4c9d-89dd-f8b202d7460e_zpswd9wtth0.jpg

 The whole theme was Gullivers Travel! So let out your inner child for awhile over there!

3. Have a tasty Horchata drink while exploring at The City of Arts and Sciences

 photo 0d0462f6-acdf-4c04-957f-fec53a10315f_zpsnvsbsr4y.jpg
  You MUST try the sweet traditional drink made from tiger nuts called Horchata. It is so good I had a hard time trying to slow down & enjoy. Have a drink and chill at one of the open-air cafes and just take a moment to admire the stunning futuristic architecture! If you have time, you can go in! 

4. Get barefooted & Catch the Sunset at Playa de la Malvarrosa / Valencia Beach

 photo ece8627a-5d10-443b-bb1d-6cbe6eb658d5_zpsu8w4t0jy.jpg
   photo 46d79887-b083-4c96-85d8-a3b9f08cac4d_zps93vowyra.jpg
Wow, this beach is so vast and littered with cute bistros. A lot of people whom I assumed are students were playing Volleyballs (great to watch & join). It is actually very clean too. I was there in October & the weather is perfect. It wasn't too hot &  it was breezy! Grabbed some nachos, a nice cocktail & relax.

5. Watch the city turns golden at night to see Valencia Cathedral & La Lonja de la Seda

 photo c678c968-eda3-4351-b034-7f68681e6060_zps7oxuynwz.jpg
 photo 5a06c61b-6586-4997-9c97-5dbb66aacfd2_zpsqc04qgj8.jpg  photo e8bbef2c-61e7-4532-9498-5a75054f7717_zpsomj5re8n.jpg

The way the lamp reflected made a beautiful sheen to the matte walls added texture to the bricked walls of the beautiful Cathedral and made the pavement glossy. It turned into something magical. You feel like being transported back to time. 

6. Try their Gelato while you are sightseeing

Valencia has some nice and interesting Gelatos. Grab this chance to try weird flavours like fish! eww. I know. But worth a shot! 

7. Must never forget Paella in Valencia! Its a crime if you do!!

Wow. Valencia is truly famous in the Art of Paella. It is the birthplace of this famous Spanish dish!
I had the classic Paella Valenciana thats made with chicken & rabbit. OMG. I just cant. It is so sooo good especially with my Spanish Red Wine. Perfecto. The price truly varies. You can get really cheap ones but I didn't mine paying a little more for this. Especially when you are in the central and there're people playing the saxophone. ahh. TAKE ME BACK

Valencia was pretty stunning. At first, it wasn't part of my itinerary. But Jeremy was visiting & it was on the way to Granada from Barcelona. So I decided to put it in. It was a decision I didn't regret because this city is so underrated. I even managed to meet Grandmother Willow (which is a BIG deal for me!). Below is me seeking sanctuary from Grandmother Willow :p

 photo cdbdfee3-2c52-4945-9d1f-697a5aa5ddfa_zpsa8mldxez.jpg  photo af95680c-5441-426b-af57-d61dd5d39813_zpsdhgznvwf.jpg 
Always take the scenic route