Wandering in Granada

Oh My Granada! This magical place in Andalucia, Spain is exactly what one would imagine how Arabian Nights look like. Rich in history & tales. At every corner of the street you will smell sweet incense, hear the guitars and flamenco dancers clapping away. Perfect for the gypsy souls like me to wander around the spiralling scenic streets in the land of beauty.

I arrived Granada with no place to stay. Luckily, I received a warm message from Marcio through Couchsurfing inviting me to be his guest.He literally saved me! This amazing guy truly knows the meaning of living. His finnish friend, Mika & him were so friendly & open about life.  Granada was so special because of them too.

After settling down, I followed Mika explore the streets of Albayzin. I was going to board the Granada Tourist Bus when a sweet old man named Ramon came to me and said 
" If you want to see the true Granada, follow me instead"

I followed my heart and so Ramon, Mika & I hiked up the hill. I remembered witnessing one of the most meaningful sunset on top of Albayzin with them. We cheered to cheap beers and talk about life. Ive never shared something so personal with strangers who understood me completely and never once judged me.I actually teared a little.

I remember that moment; like a dark cloud being blown away by the wind allowing golden rays of the sun to enter my heart. It was so beautiful, I felt so free, so true to myself.  

I was only in Granada for 48 hours and during that time, it was when the secrets of the world unveiled itself to me.Of all the cities Ive visited, Granada is so special to me. I will remember these pleasant scenes I have witnessed alone in the land of Adventure & Beauty.

What to see in Granada; Wildflower edition 

1 .Admire & Visit the Alhambra Palace 

You must visit the stunning old palace. Every wall has intricate design that will make you lost in admiration. Its bewildering to imagine this palace ages ago. How each room is being used. It will take you back in time. Please buy the tickets before hand as the queue is crazy & tickets get sold out fast.

2. Be in the blooming grounds of Generalife

Get your cameras & sketchpad ready! This garden blossom with delicate roses, purple creatures and stunning view of the Alhambra. I spent almost 3 hours just absorbing myself into the peaceful radiant ambiance reading my book, and pressing falling flowers in it. Yes, you have to buy tickets in advance too!

Wander around Mirador de San Nicolwaas

The thing is about Granada is that every place will provide you with a unique, beautiful angle of the whole city! It is a bit of a climb but hey, the view is great! On your way up, you can see Moorish artists and arts. You'll even be accompanied with great guitarists and flamenco dancers!

My name is written in Arabic by one of the beautiful Moorish artist
Lose yourself in the streets of The Albaicin

I personally found this the most special part of Granada. It is so romantic and beautiful! I cant put it into words how every step I took felt like I'm entering into a whole new world of arts and beauty. ITS JUST AMAZING! Im fond of sunsets and the sunset I witnessed here was so meaningful because I was accompanied by good people who has discovered the meaning of life and sharing it with me. I was completely reborn at that moment. People were clapping during sunsets, painting, hugging. I am in love with life all over again once I reached the top!

Listen all, Listen all
Please visit Granada at least once in your life!

This nomadic heart is waning far into the expanse of past short-but-full-lived adventures
Iqah Jasmine