Found in Finland

Helsinki, the first European city I've ever gone to. An uncommon choice of city especially when you have never travelled out of Asia before.
I still remember being so mesmerised with the sky in Finland. The horizon was filled with low marshmallow clouds floating away. It was one of the most SCENIC ROUTE I've ever taken in my life! 
Everything changed the moment I got into Finland. I was ready for the universe to guide me. I've been dreaming for so long to see the other side of the world so I was just... ready.When we were away from the city, when there was nothing surrounding us except the silent psychedelic lake and the green woods, I was able to let loose and look deep into nature, somehow understanding everything better. Magic is all around us if you allow yourself to look deeper.

This post is dedicated to the beautiful moments in Finland for where all wonders were present. 
It wasn't just the first city, but it was also the first trip my sister and I travelled together. and first time trying to "couch surf". It was the start of something new , it was the start of an epic travel history!  The whole time we were filled with doubts and fears. But for some reason, proceeded with our gut feeling. Thankfully, our Finnish host Tilman was AWESOMEEE! He brought us to local cafes, parks, even invited us on a road-trip to Pumaala to try-out his favourite Sauna. It was an unbelievable authentic Finnish experience! 

Not in any particular order, here are the places we visited. Enjoy <3

Seconds away from being completely awestruck
1. Sibelius Park & Monument

I love walking in the parks especially one that is as stunning as this! Its a wonderful walk and don't forget to stop and breathe in the fresh air! 

Frozen smile because I'm frozen

1.1  Also when it gets too cold, stop by Cafe Regatta for their delicious pastries and hot chocolate! Oh, and grill sausages with towels wrapped around your frozen body! Its really popular, hence the crowd. For the first time, I didn't mind the people and the body heat. HAH! too cold :p

2. Rock Church
Amazing simply to wonder how this was inspired and built! Worth to pop by 

My Host and My Sister
3. Helsinki Cathedral 
Centrally located, this majestic cathedral stood tall & demands to be seen. Beautiful inside! but the forty steps up isn't a joke!

4. Uspenskin Cathedral

Above the hill, stood this unique Gothic cathedral. And as if it wasn't dramatic enough, the sky turned grey complementing its dark beauty. For a moment, I felt like I was in a screenplay and a vampire was gonna appear anytime! STUNNING

5. The Esplanadi Park
A beautiful stroll overlooking the port and city buildings. I like how everything is slow paced and serene here.

Roadtrip to the city of Porvoo

6. RoadTrip to Porvoo
 Charming old city  (2nd oldest in Finland) located about 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. Beautiful shore houses with cobblestones streets. A lot of cute cafes scattered along the way too. The driveway to get to this city is so so beautiful it cannot be described!

Always take the scenic route ;)

7. *RoadTrip to Puumalan Lake*
Oh, my effing Gawwd! This is the most beautiful, most surreal lake I've ever seen! Most scenic road trip ever!! Located on the Saimaa waterway halfway about 3000km of shoreline, CLOSE YOUR EYES NOW and imagine nature's beauty! On your way there you will see still lakes scattered like melted marbles as you go deeper and away from all the city bustle into nature.
When you are naked in a 5 degrees lake, it feels like being electrified with millions of needles!

7.1 To experience the true Finnish culture; Tilman brought us to this lovely sauna which was strategically located in a quiet setting where the only sound you can hear is of birds and the firewood crackling. It was our first time in a sauna and we were feeling quite shocked and shy because we had to be in our towels. The Sauna was so relaxing and the temperature was about 80 degrees! Right after we got out of the Sauna, we skinny dipped in the 5 degrees lake and then got back into the sauna. Repeating this unusual yet amazing cycle thrice! I felt strangely calm and closer to nature. So in peace and together. The feeling is indescribable. 

7.2 Set up a bonfire & watch the moon rise!
After feeling all rejuvenated from the sauna, set up a bonfire by the lake and grill turkey sausages while waiting for the moon to rise. We danced to the bonfire! Exchange cultural tales to one another. A fantastic way to listen and learn about the Finnish through Tilman. And when the moon rises.. oh when the big beautiful enchanting moon rises. One cannot help but feel captivated by its solitude. How can the same moon appear so incredibly big here? That moon might have some magical capabilities for it enchanted my soul and the rest is history, I was reborn. I was poetically justified! 

it all started in Finland