Madrid with Lovee


Madrid was the last city to conclude my Solo Spain Trip;therefore making it extraa special.
I remember arriving Madrid exhausted in the evening & thought to myself how glittering the city was. Very different from the southern part of Spain where I've been exploring.

Madrid is simply one of my top favorites! A cosmopolitan city with a tasty Spanish flavor! With its contemporary arts, diverse population and beautiful parks , its no wonder why Iqah wants to marry a Spaniard love it! In Madrid is also where I befriended a funky traveler from New York, Federick who first helped me when I was lost outside Sephora with a big luggage filled with my shopping bags! The first think He said to me was "Hello Lokai Buddy!" , we were both wearing Lokai bracelets haha! He assisted me to carry my luggage and sent me to my hostel. After that we went to sightseeing together.I also went to a fun Couchsurfing meeting where there were many travelers too. AWESOME

Iqah(who-adopted-a-spanish-name, Estrella) wasted no time in Madrid, absorbing everything really quickly and tried to make the most of her time there (4 days). So, if you have limited time too, I suggest you download tinder coz the guys in Madrid are HOT  to not miss these places! ENJOYY ;)

It was so hot, I got so tanned during my stay in Spain!
El Retiro Park. - I love parks. Im your take-me-to-the-park-kinda-girl, oh well you know how I roll! This park is PERRRFECTION! With a charming lake where you can row on a boat and have a picnic. Its a huge ass park so please try to cover at least half of it, its an absolute joy to wander in.Tip : It will be so much more romantic if you can get a spanish partner to walk the park with :p But really, I just love how lively this park was

Gran Via – Do not go here if you are weak like me! The temptation to spend all your money is unbelievable!! But I enjoy walking down the many things to see. The ambiance is sunny and happy, people chattering and laughing , its a great place to hang out and observe the locals too. 

Temple de Debod – I would not have known about this magical place if it isnt for Federick. After helping me locate my hostel, he proposed we go sightseeing together. This place is quite a climb with a splendid view of Madrid! After he left, I spent about 2 hours there laying down on the grass and watching the sky turn from blue to amber of the burning setting sun. So beautiful especially when saxophone is playing in the background, couples romancing. The Temple itself is stunning!! Seem out of place in Spain but because the Egyptian government gifted the Temple de Debod in 1968 to Spain for its help.An actual Egyptian temple , HOW FUCKING SICK. I highly recommend visiting here about 5pm-7pm.

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu - Hala Madrid! Ola Sergio Ramos! I visited this renown stadium because I can and suddenly my interest for soccer intensified! Although you wont get to see Ramos naked,you get to explore this stadium which is pretty interesting! 

La Latina - lets remember this name for it is so beautifully Madrid. Such a vibrant neighborhood with many awesome cafes and bars! I went to a Couchsurfing meeting in one of the bars! Super cheap drinks with great atmosphere! The paintings of the wall, the locals bustling about like busy bees, the happy tourists, I adore everything about it! Did i mention their bars are pretty crazy! good thing tho! aint complaining.

 Palacio Real – Lets all appreciate the arts Spain so lavishly boast! 

Plaza Mayor – Perfect place to checkout the pretty Spanish girls and the hot Spanish guys! Yes, you can thank me later for helping you find your dream partner :p

Puerta del Sol – Littered with good restaurants (Gelatos everywhere), and a great spot to shop! I had to buy a luggage just to put my shopping bags. Zara, Bershka, you name it. There are also street performers to entertain you :)

Paseo del Prado- A great museum and do check for free entry on specific time. 

Plaza de Cibeles Stood grand in the middle, you will not miss it even if you want to! What a beautiful buidling! and I love how they hung the banner like that! Brings a smile to my face.

Seriously Madrid? what is up with beautiful buildings in the middle of intersections! keep meddling with my itinerary ok. Caution : When in Madrid, always have your camera ready. Something beautiful always show up.

For what its worth and for the moments I had here, the people I met, Madrid was such a lovely experience! I am actually thinking of visiting this hype city again real soon! I hope you enjoy Madrid like I do <3

If we were meant to stay in one place, We'd have roots instead of feet

Iqah Jasmine aka Estrella :D


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