Paris will destroy you

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir 
That was the first thing I said to my CouchSurfing Host, Gauthier when he asked if I could speak French. How typical Iqah. Especially when I honestly didnt know what it means. EPIC.

PARIS I remember falling in love with you before I even met you. How you have been occupying my daydreams since I've watched films and read books about you. I was passionately curious about you. And when I'm finally there, in Paris...Oh what a dream! I was reading, writing, having wine by the Eiffel Tower. Had wonderful morning walk by the streets of Bastille with the freshly baked croissant filling the air. Oh take me back please.

Experiences in Paris varies. Most returned exclaiming how cold the Parisians were. Or how unwelcome they felt. But Ive never felt so much in love with a city and its people!  Perhaps it is the
"si vous plait" or how I kept smiling and Bonjour-ing :p
 French people are as sweet as their macaroons!

A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and in the point of life. If you come to seek for beauty, art and love ,trust in Paris :- At least for me.. and well Audrey Hepburn did say
"Paris is always a good idea"

Let's talk about how I got a kiss by the Eiffel tower, or how we met two Argentinians who sang for us while we had our cheese & wine picnic by the tower. Let's reminisce about how a big magical rainbow appeared before us by Pont Alexandre II. Let's laugh at the memory of when my sister & I had to run down the Eiffel Tower by stairs because we were behind schedule. And smile, smile because we unlocked a childhood dream to visit Disneyland in Paris.

8 days in Paris wasn't enough. 8 weeks maybe :p
There are simply too many things to do as we all know Paris is known for famous landmarks, museums, food. All the finer things, all so Iqah  heeeh!

What I love about Paris, in particular, is the poets, the artists, the musicians, the passionate, the random bookstores ; This city set my soul on fire!

I won't tell you what to do when in Paris because you'll be spoiled with choices.But what I will share with you is..

ALWAYS BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE PRESENCE OF WONDER because magic is in every corner of the streets in Paris.
Now what do the French say?.. ah. La vie est belle!
Loving how everything is so detailed in Paris. Absolutely mind blowing to think how this was created back then!
& if you're planning to visit Paris, Don't forget to look chic! The Parisians appreciates it ;)
Tips! Bring lots of money! yes, the shopping here is crazy! Just accept the fact that you are weak for sales!
Please ride on the carousel! Its not just any carousel! its a carousel in Paris!!!
When I saw the majestic Eiffel Tower standing infront of me for the first time, I swear I had tears in my eyes. You know that feeling you get when one of your dreams became a reality? That indescribable mix of emoptions. I was singing, I was sighing, I was starstuck. i was in all sense of wonder & in that moment,  it all made sense ; We live for beauty and we should always seek for it
Light up the sky. Light up my heart!
I MISS THIS ALOT! the morning market! The fresh tomatoes, cheese, the oysters! The home brewed wine! I actually gained 3 kg in Paris.
The Catacombs is worth a visit! Made you ponder about death, about one's relevance , It got me thinking real deep
Picnic by Luxembourg Garden. Dont forget to bring bread for the ducks!
Stroll down Moulin Rouge was great especially if you love the musical!

Anddd, one of the special reasons why we love Paris so much was because of DISNEYLAND!
My sister & I have always been a Disney girl. We talk about going to Disneyland since we were a child! So the moment we entered this enchanting theme park, our youthful soul leaped out in excitement!

Merci Beaucoup Paris! I know we'll meet again real soon because there's no place Id rather be. You are definitely, undoubtly, undeniably my favourite city in the world

Respirer Paris, cela conserve l'ame
- Victor Hugo

There is no cure for Paris