1 Night in Belgium

Hmm. Antwerp, Belgium.. Where shall we begin.

In all honesty, If you were to ask me what is my first impression of Antwerp; I would reply.

Indecisive weather that changes every 15 minutes (mostly wet & grey) and not the friendliest people I've met but, Great Chocolates & Waffles, Beautiful architecture.

It is in Belgium, I discovered the importance of people.

Your overall travel experience will depend greatly on the people. It will have a lasting impression on you. Not as much as the architecture, the shopping, the food. 

The people you meet during your travels are those you will remember for the moments you celebrated with them in a new city. Even though you won't exactly be continuing the friendship but the impression of your travels will be revolving around them. 

We were hosted by Constantin and Kasia. These two lovelies invited us for a lovely dinner where they cooked traditional polish dishes. haha! They were from Poland studying in Belgium :)

Due to the bad weather, we didn't manage to go sight seeing much. In fact, it was always raining so most of the time we are either stuck in the museum or in the cafe eating waffles and Belgium chocolates. hmm, not so bad ayy?
Being in Antwerp feels like you are taken back into time. This city is old yet stunning.
I love the horses in Belgium. They complete the whole look of the city.

The unique structure of Belgium houses 

Old and Golden

And no, I didnt try any famous Belgium Beers because I dont drink beers at all. But hey, let me know if you did! Thank you Belgium!

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