Amsterdam, You u're that Amazing!

Amsterdam showed me something so beautiful about life. I felt what it is like to be free. It showed me why being liberal is better than being conservative.

This city is stunning and I hope to be able to live in Amsterdam for a couple of years someday. I love the belt of canals surrounding the city littered with colourful boathouses. It made me feel nostalgic.I love how every step I take will lead me to another part of the street.I love cycling past the blooming flowers and the coffee-shops of smiley people. I love eating ice cream by Vondelpark and feed the ducks. I adore the shade-loving trees that I can easily climb and daydream a little up there. You make me spin around like a child

The days I spent here was exceptionally fun because of my endearing host, Fikri! You know when you meet someone during your travel, and you could connect with each other instantly? He is that kind of person. I also acquainted with Roy who is a sweetheart that brought us on a mini road trip to Zaanse Schanse. Dank Je!

Unique Accommodation in Amsterdam! 

Visit Airbnb for some cool listing! You can choose to stay in a houseboat or like me, in a cool vintage caravan!

I was really excited for Amsterdam also because I am spending 2 nights in a Caravan! How cool is that? Our Campsite in Zeeburg is so colourful! What a wonderful experience!! There are animals there and water activities! We laid down at night by the campsite all high and kissing the sky!
The other 2 nights, I stayed in Fikri's place which is hundreds of years old! 

Must-try food in Amsterdam

1.Stroopwafel - The famous waffle cookies!
OMG. I cannot stop eating this! Always have this in your bag when sightseeing. Its so sweet and chewy! 
2. Egg Benedict - Of course, the perfect one is when you are eating it fresh for brunch by the canal. Lovely.
3.Patatje Oorlog - Potatoes with Mayo. Omg it is so good and rather big for one person. But I love it anyway.
4. Brownie - Yes, a little adventurous. hehe. but hey, if it taste good and makes you happy. WHY NOT? :p

How Art You?

After visiting & getting inspired by the incredible Van Gogh Museum (which we spent hours in there), I fell deeper in love with Arts (heavily influenced by Paris too). I bought an Artist Palette Pandora charm in remembrance of this amazing feeling to be creative always

The next time I wander Amsterdam, I would seat by the canal and paint there. 

With 40 parks,165 Canals, 1281 bridges and 886316th-18th-century buildings at any angle, you will be able to paint a somewhat exciting still life of Amsterdam.
The houseboats are masterpieces beautifully decorating the canal. Over 2500 number of boats are converted into permanent residences in Amsterdam's canal. I wish one day I could experience such "homestay". Strangely, a person living in a vintage houseboat is more appealing to me than one owning a big ass bungalow in Singapore

I got really emotional when visiting the Anne Frank House. I have read nazi related books like The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas so reading her story and being inside the actual house she hid is simply mindblowing. It was almost too much for me. But I left the place feeling really grateful and inspired.

Dutch Nature

Every year, the sweet scent of green grass Vondelpark welcomes about 10 million visitors from all around the world.

This perfect park has beautiful lakes filled with content ducks. Blondes, Brunettes, Asians seen basking like bears in springtime. Don't forget to stop by Albert Heijn (easily my favourite Supermarket ever) to buy some food before heading to the park! Albert Heijn is the biggest Dutch supermarket chain and has tons of variety of food! whatever you name it! even Indonesian food! and the best part, there's free wifi. Just locked me in there, I will be a very happy and stuffed girl :p

If only we have this in Singapore. I could see myself visiting Vondelpark religiously! just imagine morning run in this park! SWEEETTTT

Cycle & Boat rides

Taking a boat ride is a great way to see Amsterdam. When it is sunny, it's a beautiful sight when you can see couples paddling, some having a bbq on their boats. Playing loud music and dancing. Love the happy people here! Oh and watch out when you are walking! Bicycles everywhere! So rent one and go do it the dutch way.

Explore the Red Light District

It is very exciting to walk down the most famous district in the world! The girls are very beautiful. Don't forget to visit the Museum. Its really nice to know more about the district. How these girls came about .. they even have a short film about a day in the life of a prostitute. I highly recommend it!

Roadtrip to Zaanse Schans

This place is a great way to see Dutch traditional way of life back then. With its classic windmill, farm animals, cheese making and beautiful houses. It's so relaxing to be here. Bring along some food and u can have a beautiful picnic there! 

Look at that! So picture perfect. I am really upset I didn't bring along my sketchbook and watercolour. It would be so lovely to paint at that moment.

Oh blooming flowers of Amsterdam

Wow. The floating Flowers market just blew me away! I love flowers. They are so dear to me and the flowers in Amsterdam are so bold and happy! I couldn't stop admiring the beauties. A great souvenir to bring home! I bought a few seeds that I planted outside my apartment in Singapore :)

Amsterdam has earned a special place in my heart!
Birds flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
I'll never forget how free and happy I was while in Amsterdam!


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  2. I felt in love with a city just the way you felt in love with Paris....