Travelling to Bali, Paradise

I can't even begin to describe my Bali Experience! I've heard so many great things about Bali, mainly for its party scene but during my stay, I am pleased to discover that there's more to Bali than the crazy parties and water sports. Bali is rich with culture, arts and history! The food is great, their beaches are stunning and the locals are so friendly. It was only after this trip I FINALLY understand why poeple decided to move to Bali & there's a reason for that, let's just say Bali is paradise. 

I never had the intentions to go Bali. It is a place I imagined people going only for surfing and parties. Because it is closed-by too, I thought it was somewhere I could go anytime. I basically took this accesible paradise for granted It wasn't until early December 2015; I won an all sponsored 5 days trip to Bali by Wonderful Indonesia. I was pretty much psyched and super thankful to this very day.
You may recognize Fikri. a lovely friend I met in Amsterdam. Reunited in Bali <3
It was in Bali, we were joined by travel bloggers all over the world! We became acquainted with travellers from Hungary, France, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, US, Brunei, It was simply amazing because I was surrounded by passionate travellers, like-minded people who shared similar travel goals and shared useful tips to me. By the end of this trip, I was very inspired and excited for new adventures!
Beautiful Pool in our Jaykarta Hotel.We swam & hang out by the pool which is a little crowded for my liking
The first thing I did after we checked in to Jayakarta Bali (amazing resort right on the beachfront) is to run to Legian Beach! Simply couldn't wait a second longer to feel the sea water beneath my feet!

At Legian Beach! This place is so lively!

Fun under the Sun

The water sports in Bali was the top on my list and incredibly fun! I would recommend at least 2 days for this. This is the best thing to do under the sun. Just remember to slather on your sunscreen, put on your sunglasses and have lots of energy!
Getting ready to fly! They have numerous water activities all available for you at a no-suprise-affordable price.
The banana boat got us giggling like 4-year-olds! I never expect to enjoy this that much
Ahh, parasailing. Looking like I belong to the sky ayy? Was so overwhelmed with the beauty I saw from above. 2 minutes in the sky may seem abit too short but I promised any longer i would have fainted.! Im afraid of heights so naturally this was pretty crazy.

Crystal blue water only means snorkeling time! I miss a certain kind of freshness it gave me! Since Bali is very humid, taking a dip is highly recommended.

Party in Bali is a MUST. 
Last night with the awesome people in SKYGARDEN
I remember celebrating the first night, second night & last night in Skygarden haha!, One of Bali's most popular nightclub and I could see why. 6 levels of different music genre and age group. But leaning more to Electronic Dance Music! Really crazy to party all night long! No doubt, the nightlife in Bali is worth the experience! MUST GO.

One of the many friendly & talented entertainer at Mixwell
Don't forget to experience the Gay Club too! We went to a Gay Bar called Mixwell and it was a night full of laughter and entertainment! These ladies are mighty talented and the boys are so much fun to hang out with!Friendly atmosphere with a mixed of tourists and locals.

Peaceful Padi Fields

A short hike to get to this Padi Field was tiring but the view is pretty cool. It's lovely how just a drive away from the beach can lead you to a completely new surrounding.

With the Singaporeans in Bali

The peaceful surrounding of the green landscape shows a different side of Bali.Im having fresh passionfruit enjoying the sweet view of the vast rice field & watching the Cows being used as organic fertilizer for plowing. I love how different the ambiance & experience was! Another Must Visit!!

Rich in Arts and Culture

 Young and talented Balinese girls performing their traditional dance.
A Balinese woman demonstrating the decorative offerings made out of leaves

   Showing us the Balinese Language. That's one of the tour guide explaining ABC in their language

       He wrote my name in Balinese and attached it to somekind of talisman. Perfect Souvenier 

One thing that I notice about Bali immediately was how Artworks were hanging proudly at random places. Most shops were selling handicrafts and artworks made by the local artists! It was so beautiful to look at. The Balinese are extremely talented and most make a living out of it. A beautiful sight!

If you are looking for Souvenirs to get from Bali, I would highly recommend buying their artwork. It is amazing how almost everything is handmade!
Just a few of the things that I got from Bali. & I adore each of them! I feel that it is always good to support local talent

Food you simply have to try before you die 

Being partly Indonesian, I have always loved Indonesian food and Balinese has some great food you wouldn't want to miss! Though spicy, it is definitely worth the slight discomfort! Just endure and soon you will get used to it! In fact, you will start embracing their spices!

Don't miss out their Satays and Sambal KangKong. My favourite 
 Fresh seafood is always a good idea! especially when paired with their famous Sambal! 
 Ok, you haveeee to dine at this spectacular restaurant called Bebek tepi Sawah Restaurant Ubud. Which literally translate to Ducks beside the Rice Field Restaurant. Mouthful, but exactly how it is described. The food is incredible and the ambiance is perfect!

At the beautiful restaurant!

Some of the main spices that completes an Indonesian Dish.
This is me trying to learn how to cook some local dishes! HAHA! who says Singaporeans can't cook! 

The Temples and Beliefs in Bali

Us at one the tall temples in Bali.Most of the Balinese are Hindus. And I noticed that Ganesh is a very popular Hindu God in Bali. I made a pleasant discovery that Balinese are rather liberal and not as conservative as I expect them to be. They are one of the most cheerful people Ive ever met.

You will see decorations of black and white checkered cloth at most places. This represents the Ying & Yang; the Good & Bad. Balinese believes that each one of us need to have a balance of good and bad. 
I also got to experience how funeral in Bali is like. According to our tour guide, the villagers will gather & usually they will have 2 or more funeral at the same time because it is expensive. The villagers will dance and cheer while carrying the dead bodies. This is because Balinese believe that death is part of life. They understood that eventually death will come and since it is inevitable, they choose to celebrate instead of mourning. They chose to celebrate the dead person's existence. No crying is allowed. I thought I was really lucky to have seen this. Although it is a little bit of a culture shock, it somehow showed me a different perspective to death.

Visit Uluwatu Temple
The view from the Uluwatu Temple is stunning! Ouh also, if you are not fully covered, you will be given this purple sarong to visit the Temple.
I wish I was alone when I saw this. The view is just so breathtaking, it was the perfect time to daydream away
My favourite travel partner; my sister!
At about 6.30pm when the sun sets, the view just gets better. And you will be able to enjoy a traditional musical play. Remember to always carry a bottle of water as the weather is humid and the climb up is pretty tough :p
Monkey Business 
One of the most interesting walk! Monkeys everywhere and they are very cheeky. This Monkey Temple is an absolute wonder with big leafy trees and old charms. Just be careful not to wear anything hanging. I was afraid at first because you can see the monkeys everywhere and there are some who are very naughty but the place is too beautiful to give it a miss.

And as much as possible, Santai Di Pantai

Santai ajaa. It literally means chill. Chilling by the beach because you are afterall in Bali

Don't forget to wake up early to catch the Sunrise. It is so beautiful. We spent our last morning catching the sunrise and splashing about the waves. Just trying to remember how the sea smells, how the sand feels. How much we are going to miss Bali so dearly..

Bali has been an incredible experience. The place itself is paradise. But this trip was extra special because of the amazing people I had the privelage to meet and be surrounded with! 

The kind of people you would want to meet when travelling

I stand by what Ive always said about travelling it is all about the people you meet along the way. My Favourite Couple ever! Nat & Rob from Brazil! These two Nomads are so full of passion for life & so Inspiring. They sold their house, quit their jobs to travel the world! So of course I look up to them. They are so sweet to give me support and advice about my travel plans. 

Met this sweetheart, Geoffrey from Lyon. A solo traveller who is busy chasing adventures! We share a very special common interest and I hope to visit him in Lyon this May.
Brown from Myanmmar and this two couple are just as inspiring! They take travelling seriously and I do hope to meet again someday :)
And my Lovely Leya! She made this trip possible. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to discover Bali with all these awesome people! Leya is such an inspiration. She is so full of life and passionate about everything. She balance her time very well. A traveller and a mother. Insane! :)

Thats only the beginning of my Bali Bible , I will come back for more! 
Sayang sangat sama Bali!!


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  2. This is so interesting to read all about your trip to Bali, plus you get to meet so many awesome travel bloggers too! Truly inspiring!

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    1. sorry i only just saw this. to be honest i cant do much with my hair but because i have natural curls,the sea water made it more curly. hope u enjoyed bali regardless

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