Britain Bound

London for sure is a dream destination for many! Especially when you grew up obsessing over Harry Potter or playing Monopoly Game. Nothing beats standing on the platform of the station you once bought as a child (Monopoly Game Reference) . Ok erm :p

London, thank you for drying up my wallet. That aside, Thank You Travel God for bringing me to London where Gentlemen greets you & help you with your luggage. Where polite English ladies have small talks with you about your book in the tube. Where streets are littered with cute bookstores. And the smell of coffee. Yes, I smell coffee everywhere in London! I'm also very pleased and surprised that there are plenty of things to enjoy in London for free!

We arrived in London extremely sad for leaving Paris and really exhausted altogether from dragging our luggage. London is the only city that I didn't manage to get anyone to host me. So, we ended up booking a small room from Airbnb.

Here's a good story about London.

Our place was located in a really secluded (a little scary) street in Sevensisters (seriously? odd name too). So after wandering the street for an hour, we finally found our place. I wasn't really sure about it so I tried to unlock the door using the key I've gotten from my host who was at work. An old man appeared and asked me what I was doing, so I told him, I'm, trying to get it. He took out his keys and unlocked the door for me. Confused, he then screamed for his boys to come down and asked them whether one of them is my boyfriend. BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. They said no and told me that ... " The china people are living next door. You got the wrong house" HAHA!!!!

Iqah's London BucketList

1. Take a picture with the red phone booth
2. Have an English Breakfast
3. Take a picture with the horse guard
4.Destroy Primark
5. Play with the squirrel in the park
6. Try a beer from a local bar (eww why Iqah why do you even tryy)
7. Visit Zayn Malik's house & say hi to future Mother-in-law
8. Find out if their Fish & Chips are really good (Nope London does not have good food )

London surprises me too with its beautiful nature. Escape the city within minutes when you stepped into their magical parks! London was exceptional because of its stunning Parks that I simply adore! I managed to see St James Park and Regent Park which is just incredible! I could stay the whole day if I could!

As I lay on a bed of daisies by St James Park just enjoying the sun and life itself
Regent Park is incredible! You'll be able to see variety of birds and flowers! What a wonder!

And it was in London, I made such a special friend, my ginger wolf, Jeremy. He did a fantastic job showing us around London. He was pretty startled with our reactions when he brought us to the parks because we were just too excited about everything.  He also brought us to climb a little up the Primrose Hill where we got to see a great view of London! People were chilling out late in the afternoon with beers and sandwiches, playing music with views across the London skyline! Lovely!

Getting excited seeing an IceCream Truck (we don't have it in Singapore) before the climb to Primrose Hill

London is really a great city! Try to walk more and you'll discover their street arts, hidden bars. Of course, taking a ride on their famous red double decker bus is also a must! We just sat there and watch the city pass by until we decided to stop randomly.

Free things that one can enjoy in London are iconic events such as the Changing of Guards, The marching bands. All the prominent icons of the great London city!

I am terribly ashamed to say this but the city girl in me went crazy in Oxford Street. It feels like.. home. HAHA! We were in Oxford Street almost everyday for 7 days. Simply can't get enough of Primark (we bought almost everything we could carry), Ted Baker, Urban Outfitters. Oh! we also had to drop by Harrods twice. Did I mention that Harrods Toilet are just as luxurious? There's YSL, DIOR perfume placed nicely beside the sink for you to freshen up. Omg. I love that place.

Borough Market! If you are a foodie, this is your heaven. It is mineeeeee
Stable Market! Have to take a picture with her <3
London is also known for their amazing markets! We managed to check out Borough Market, Stables Market, Camden Market and Portobello Road. Good food, Unique shops and a lot of vintage items! Of course, don't forget to take a picture with Amy Winehouse while you're there
Yes, of course, my Potterheads. I didn't forget to go KingCross metro station to visit Platform 9 ¾

We also love, love, loveee the Natural History Museum! Wish we could have visited all of it! The dinosaur skeletons and impressive life-size model of animals are incredible!

We also did a mini road trip to Wiltshire. What a charming old town!

While you're in London, Don't forget to visit Bath & Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. A lovely hour and a half ride through the English countryside that brings you back into medieval times
Completely in an awe when we saw this! 
Lovely weather! Blue sky, green grass. Picture perfect! We counted our blessing that day! :p

Bath is a stunning city with great Georgian architecture! We bought their famous pastries, tried their wide selection of ciders! Brought gelatos and just enjoying the whole luxurious feel of England.

See you soon London. You have been such a sweetheart with bad indecisive weather 
In London, strangely, I learnt to trust my instincts. Trust in yourself and have courage. Because if you do, everything else will fall in places.