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travelling to annecy france
In the centre of Annecy’s old city is the Palais de l’Île – the town’s most famous and photographed building.

Everyone needs to visit Annecy at least once in their life! If you are Singaporean, you probably wouldn't have heard of this beautiful city that is situated at the foothills of the French Alps. The crystal blue lake ( France's third largest), the stunning landscape of mountains, the blossoming flowers, picturesque everything! Easily one of my most favourite city in the world! I AM SOOO IN LOVE!!! 

My sister and I couldn't stop talking about this city even after 3 weeks. Let us just say, we are coming back again real soon to experience Summer there instead of Spring. 

My most favourite part of this town would be, LAKE ANNECY

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So this is crazy, the first thing we did the moment we got here was to make our way to Lake Annecy.  The white boats that scattered beautifully on the lake were rocking gently, the breath of fresh mountain air welcoming us! We did not hesitate to get into the paddle boat with our LUGGAGE! It was soo awesome! 

Paddle the boat around Lake Annecy

best time to visit Annecy, Annecy is a must visit in France
Smiling  because at that moment, it felt so good to be alive when so much is available to you!

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Enjoy Gelato & Cheese by the lake(with the swans!)

We went to the supermarket first and got some snacks to take with us. It was a perfect sunny weather; the swans and ducks were enjoying, the lake glittering, there was no excuse to dine in! 
Simply starstruck by the extraordinary landscape. I swear we had to stop at almost every km for a picture! Don't bother keeping your camera away! 

Wandering around the old town of  La Vieille Ville

 La Vieille Ville

This charming old town filled with amazing restaurants and shops. Everyone almost eating the same thing - Cheese Fondue with fresh raw meat. The canals surrounding the city, everything looks almost too perfect, like a scene out of a Disney Princess movie! The beauty of this city differs during the day and night! 

Taking a scroll down Pont des Amours 

This is a perfect location for aspiring photographers! The bridge joins two of the town's parks. The place is simply romantic especially now in May when springtime at its full swing and everything seems to be blooming! It adds a special magical quality in the air

Relaxing at Parc Charles Bosson

 Parc Charles Bosson

You would want to stop everything and just relax while in Annecy. The locals were seen walking their dogs, laying down on the grass, sun-basking. So we decided to do the same. A great spot to people-watch too. But the view of the mountains and the lake were too hypnotising for you to look elsewhere

Driving up to Le Semnoz for a breathtaking view

you can see snow in Annecy during Spring
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Wow. Did I mention that I saw snow for the first time in my life here?! YAAZZ. Our host Dale, drove us up this narrow road to the ski area where I jumped on the snow like a child! And we could even see Mont Blanc from up here! And we saw mountain goats too! So incredible!

travelling to annecy, hiking in annecy
On the way down, we stop by an animal sanctuary and then got a beautiful panoramic view of Annecy
travelling to annecy

By the end of our 3 days vacation in Annecy, we swore we would come back here again at soonest possible. This place is indescribable until you have experienced it yourself! I'd recommend visiting in Spring or Summer , that way you'll be able to enjoy the variety of outdoor activities this town has to offer . The selection of food here is divine and the people are extremely friendly! Clean and beautiful, looks like I know where I'll be living during my retirement days :p


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