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travel to chamonix france

Chamonix is a beautiful valley located below Mont Blanc. A charming mountain town with parks, shopping district and numerous restaurants. Chamonix is great for outdoor travellers as there are plenty of sporty activities like skiing, paragliding , parasailing. Singaporeans will be blown away being surrounded by great tall mountains instead of skyscrapers! 

The journey there was an experience itself! An hour car ride (from Annecy to Chamonix) which is also the most picturesque road-trip Ive ever been on ! There's a certain kind of fascination just driving through the white grand mountains :)
 We decided to cross over Chamonix before driving down to Italy.  Mathias drove us there and he is also acting as our host in Chamonix because we were staying in his family chalet. 

His chalet is situated exactly where the last sun rays sink into the mountains! I remember seating in his dining room that's slightly lit by the setting sun kissing the mountain peaks. Watching the sun fall behind the mountains, licking it with pink flames; I thought to myself how blessed one can be to have this view everyday...wouldnt it be nice

We went exploring the town centre, strolling past the river, wandering about the plenty cafes, Stopping by for crepes and coffee. Taking life slow and easy. Everyone here seems to get the memo too.As we visited in Spring, hence the last of the skiing session; people were seen with their sports attire having a drink after a presumably satisfying activity. Afterall, Chamonix is France's official mountaineering centre.
Here you have the first conqueror of the Mont Blanc

Beautiful meadow beneath the mountains. Flowers blossoming , sun in the sky and people were seen Paragliding across.. what a beautiful sight! Such a perfect holiday destination!

Aspiring painters and photographers would appreciate Chamonix because of its beautiful nature! 

We were resting on the grass, seating on the bridge with the clear water flowing through beneath us. 

I was only in Chamonix for one night. But I can easily see myself here for weeks! Just enjoying nature and maybe even get a little inspiration for my paintings! Chamonix is not only for sporty people and outdoor lovers but it is a perfect destination for artists as well! Perfect to get inspired for artists suffering from creative constipation. Definitely a must for people who wants to get away from city life.

I'll come back soon 

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