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travel to lyon france

There are 3 important reasons as to why I visited Lyon, the second-largest city in France. First, I wanted to visit The Little Prince monument because that book means the world to me. Second, I simply love french cuisine and Lyon is the capital of French gastronomy. Third, I have to visit one of the most interesting bookstore in the world, Le Bal des Ardents. Those reasons are sufficient for me to purchase my flight ticket and travel to Lyon this Spring. 

why I travel to Lyon

Of course, travelling to Europe in spring (especially France), you always have to be prepared for the rainy days. I was only there for 3 days and it rained the whole time *sigh
I must admit how disappointed I am with the weather, but this is travelling. Rain or shine, all you can do is wait and make the most of it. Like the Coriolis effect and the flow of tides, no one can do anything to control them. It doesn't stop me from climbing hundreds of steps to see the magnificent Basilique Notre Dame De Fourviere. Under the tiny umbrella shared between my boyfriend and sister to see The Little Prince and finding the bookshop! There are many good reasons to remember this charming city.

The Saone River

We booked a lovely apartment with such a gorgeous view of The Saone River. So lets just say we were always admiring the fancy old houses and restaurants along the river. In the morning, you will see people kayaking. Cool exercises you can do in Lyon ;)

The Rhone River

It's a pretty walk along the river where you get to feel Lyon's serenity yet bustling nature.  Grab a coffee or maybe a snack bar and enjoy the walk. I love travelling Lyon by foot as you'll be surprised by street arts and mysterious corners.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

The Little Prince Monument in Lyon
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The Little Prince 
remains a very special book  as it unravels the true meaning of life and happiness to me. I have been collecting the book in different languages and editions. I would also like to visit all of its monument across the world. And I chose this as the first one as it is the birthplace of the author.

Finding this monument in a very popular square called  La Place Bellecour was quite a navigation, we were going round and round, distracted by many things and funnily, it was just next to us the entire time! You see, this book taught me about the ignorance of human nature and the way we found this monument was a lesson as well. We sought hard to find with our eyes but clearly didn't notice what's standing next to us.

Le bal des ardents bookstore

The interesting unique book arch entrance says it all! As someone who loves to read and appreciate arts, that's why I pretty much love France (a lot) 

Of course, the interior takes you back to fairytale land and somehow you can imagine a hobbit climbing and grabbing a book! A great selection of books and quite pricey too.

Climb to see the Basilique Notre Dame De Fourviere


I am warning you. The hundreds of steps up is no joke but the view is worth the pain! Not only will the Bailique take your breath away but you will also get to see a panoramic view of Lyon!

France, you never fail to make me fall in love againxx

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