Making way to Milan

Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take. The happy 3 travellers continued their road trip from Chamonix,France to Milan, Italy. Although the car ride ended up being 5 hours instead of 3 hours, it was still a great expedition (this means lots of singing in the car to pass time)

Moving forward to Milan. This city is full of character. If Milan was a woman; she wore glossy black boots with a matching hairstyle. She always had a cigarette on one hand & her smartphone on the other. Her lashes are coated with thick mascara and her lips bold. She talks loudly and walks confidentlyMilan is my first city in Italy, the beginning of one of the many adventures in this crazy country!

We stayed in an interesting apartment right on the train station. It's one of the most affordable place on Airbnb and I remember I had the most delicious home-made lasagna just around the corner! It is about 30-45 mins away from the city centre by train/bus. 

The first night in Milan was spent exploring Piazza del Duomo. The moment you step out of the underground subway, you will be greeted by the grand Duomo Cathedral! So captivating. Smiling tourists everywhere and then there are also the not-so-smiley Milanese! haha. We had fun people watching in one of the largest city in Europe. 

We stopover to see one of the world's oldest shopping centre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele ll. The glass-covered ceiling and intricate detail on the walls is mindblowing. Very fancy place. One day, I'll return here and guarantee coming out with many shopping bags :P

  Making our way to Primark, crossing fields of Wheat with our heavy shopping bags was pretty fun!

So in the meantime, we travelled across the city to visit Primark :) It was a crazy hour bus ride there but overlooking wheat field , a different sight of Milan I would say

But the one place I would highlight my Milan trip was the Monumental Cemetery
One of the largest graveyard in Milan and known for the abundance of artistic tombs and monuments. AQbsolutely mindblowing and there weren't much tourist at all. It seems almost strange to highly recommend visiting a Cemetry in a fashion city,Milan. We spent a few hours just mesmerised by the whole ambiance.

2 nights in Milan was enough for me as I didn't exactly favor the whole city feel. I could sense its mostly work and little time for freedom/play. But I wouldn't disagree of its shopping and beautiful cathedral! It is worth a visit but not a long one. 

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