Lets go to Cinque Terre!

You have all probably seen the beautiful pictures of the famous five seaside villages, Cinque Terre all over Pinterest & Social Medias. Let me just confirm that this place in Italy is fucking real! There is so much goodness here that is impossible to see in one day or even 3 days. Heck, just visit Cinque Terre as many times as possible because its heaven.

Imagine golden warm sun, beautiful roses, blue sea and delicious fresh seafood lingering in the air. Sounds a lot like my kind of dream vacation. You do nothing all day but to soak in the sun, swim in the deep turquoise water, sip on white wine and feed your soul!

Disclaimer:I do have to highlight that the locals here aren't as friendly as you wish them to be and don't expect great service from their ticketing counter. It is also car-free, so make sure your two-feet are ready!

Since the last train back to La Spezia is around 6pm, most people rushed through the 5 villages without actually truly enjoying the moment. My advice, do your research. Find out which of the 5 villages you would want to spent more time in; that way you can ensure you enjoy Cinque Terre to the fullest. As for me, I knew I wanted to spend half the day in Manarola and hike a little over at Corniglia.
Relaxing beach at La Spezia
Cost Saving Accommodation:
Most people stays in La Spezia when visiting Cinque Terre as it is cheaper. We were privileged to be hosted by a lovely Italian guy,Davide through CouchSurfing! The first night we arrived, He and his friends took us a short tour around La Spezia coast and after threw a little welcoming dinner party where they do what they do best- Cook Italian Food! YUM~

Our Cinque Terre adventures begin the next day after we ate a lovely breakfast prepared by Davide.
Getting to Cinque Terre:
 Initially we wanted to go there by boat but the schedule is so rigid so we took the train instead where its a little flexible.
The first train stop was to Riomaggiore. We were so excited to see it that we literally ran out of the train climb all the way up and get a glimpse of the whole village.
I remember us admiring the deep blue sea and how everything smelled so fresh. We could see some people already swimming so we couldn't wait to get started. We were supposed to hike the "Lovers Lane" from here but it was under construction, so we took more pictures instead before heading to the next stop.

The three overly excited girls then headed to the popular village called Manarola. It was crowded with tourists in sunglasses and ice cream. Restaurants were already busy, people laughing over white wine, girls in big floppy hands sashaying down the street of pink and yellow houses. **Every corner of Cinque Terre is IG-WORTHYYYY! 
Lets be real, we took thousand of pictures for about half an hour before actually enjoying the whole ambiance. You'll get too caught up with your camera, so try to control :p
We were feeling adventurous at that time. So we stripped down to our bikinis and started lazing around. Played music and basked under the sun. I climbed up some big rocks & jumped into the cold sea with fishes everywhere! Ah, wish I could be there right now.
Just look at the backdrop! It looks too pretty to be real
We also had a lovely lunch before heading down to Cornelia. 
What to Eat:
Seafood, seafood!! The seafood was fresh and well cooked! It was everything-good-3-hours in Manarola.
Traditional tomato-based Gnocchi and Fresh Swordfish Carpaccio
Thick Orange Mussels that's so fresh you could taste the ocean!
Cinque Terre trip is incomplete without a little Hiking:
We needed that filling lunch to restore our energy for the 382 steps up Corniglia. A super quiet village compared to the rest. Undoubtedly beautiful and peaceful. Pretty blooming roses everywhere as you climb up and up!
If you are chasing for time, you definitely cannot enjoy Corgnilia that much as it takes time to get up and to truly "feel" the gentleness of this village.
So different from Manarola. This village is so quite and relaxing.
Our Cinque Terre trip didnt exactly went according to plan as most of the hiking trails were in construction. This journey up was literally the only "hiking" we did (thats why I am coming back !) Next up we headed to Vernazza
The train journey was a frustrating one as I misplaced my train ticket and was fined 50 euros! FUCK MY LIFE! It ruined everything! ** So despite paying the hefty fine, the officer refused to give me a ticket back to La Spezia and to Monterosso! What a ripped off! I was so furious about it and managed to get the manager to at least allow me to return. Its annoying how everything here is not written in black & white , its almost as if your luck depends on the officer's mood!
50 euros to see this.. hmmmm... So we took our time to relax and ponder about how Italy is beautiful but the city is so unruly it gets on your nerves sometimes.
Lesson learnt! When visiting Cinque Terre, be careful of your tickets! Have it kept safely, take a picture and make sure you dont let them ripped you off just because you are a tourist!
Overall, it was a beautiful trip! I would definitely visit Cinque Terre again and making sure this time I get to hike and to see the sunset there! As the last train leaves at 6pm, you wont get to experience the night life here or even see the sunset unless you have your own transportation arranged.

To all the beach lovers, the girls with long wavy hair. To all the beach bums around the world, 

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