Venice is so romantic!

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Venice is truly a romantic city and I am so lucky to be able to visit it with my special someone. If 5 years ago you tell me that I will visit this alluring city with someone I love, I wouldn't have believed you. This really is a place every couple should visit together because every corner of this city is like a real-life painting. The old bridges that join hearts, the love flowing in the canals, the roses that kept blooming, the big moon lighting the city ; Don't ever wake me up from this dream.
Venice gets more romantic at night. The moon above the bridge, the yellow lamps dimming the canals. It feels like a scene out of a Nicholas Spark's film.
A very bad picture of us with the moon & for some unexplainable reason, its the only picture we took together #saywhut #havetogoagain
Ouh look! behind me is a very expensive Gondola ride. 
I must confess; we didn't take the iconic Gondola ride for one reason, its expensive af. But I would love to if we return again someday. Its completely crazy that Venice mode of transportation is entirely by water, even their AMBULANCE! I cannot imagine being sick and having to take a Boat-Ambulance to the hospital. Super interesting though to see how they clear the trash and deliver commodities using just boats! Mindblowing!

Let me tell you something; the difference between Venice than any other cities in Italy is that, in other cities; you are rushing for time, always on the move to see as many things in that limited period. But in Venice, time stops. Time is eternal. Every moment seems so special even if its as simple as walking hand in hand by the canals. I don't know how to explain it but time just stops and you are deeply in love. The kind of love you will remember for the rest of your life.

This is my version of Venice and from what it seems, anything that is unplanned turns out to be perfect. I wasn't planning to visit Venice as at that point, I was already in Rome. But I guess, we really wanted to see each other while I was still in Europe. So He booked his tickets to Venice and I booked mine. And then on, our chapter in Venice begins.

Accommodation : Due to the budget that we have, we decided to stay in a city near Venice just by the nearest train station called Venice Mestre . Its about 20 mins train ride to Venice and the ticket isn't expensive. Honestly, the cheapest accommodation you can get near Venice. It was only 30 Euros a night.

Venice is literally a maze! So be prepared to get wonderfully lost in it and then finding yourself standing somewhere really nice and picturesque. As there are many restaurants, you will be spoiled with choices and it gets exhausting trying to choose one. My advice, just go to the first restaurant you see because you will never find it again even if you want to! haha!

St. Mark’s aka Piazza San Marco is an absolute stunner. Obviously the most popular square in Venice. Whichever lane you take, it will lead to this square filled with pigeons,souvenir shops & all sorts of people

Impressive bell tower!

Paintings are just scattered everywhere. Venice is where artists live and blossomed! I mean, who would ever suffer from creative constipation in a city as beautiful as Venice? Every angle, every corner, every sidewalk of this city I can imagined it being water-coloured into a masterpiece.

All we did there was to take a stroll. Passing by nothing, passing by anything. Watches with dreamy eyes the boats rowing past, couples kissing, flock of birds.. the green water. It was just very, natural.
You only need a day to discover the whole of Venice but like I said, time stops there  ;)


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