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Warm days that surrounded by turquoise sea water, powdery white sand and your soul just exposed to beautiful timeless sunsets.

A blast of today's hits playing on the nights of Boracay. Beach bars scattered along the paths of Station 1 to Station 3. Swaying away to the rhythm we walked happily, lungs filled with the smell of seafood, from one bar to another beach club. Anywhere feels like heaven on earth (except that its overcrowded with tourists)

entertainment in boracay for tourists

The intention for this Boracay trip was simple; To forget and ENJOY. There are no rules for this trip, no must-visit landmarks, no cultural engagement. Just for the first time, pure entertainment. 

how long will you take to reach boracay

The Journey from Cebu to Boracay was an exciting one. The flight was filled with beach-goers all ready for the crazy nights to come, the long relaxation under the summer sun. We felt young in the flight. What made the journey long (and exhausting) was that after you land at the Kalibo airport, you have to get into a shuttle bus that gets you to some arrival hall. After that, you have to pay to get a ride to the jetty which is about half an hour. The jetty terminal is flooded with people all waiting, rushing, LOST. Then you have to go on a 15mins boat ride to Boracay Island.  Once you arrive in Boracay, you have to get into another taxi to drive up to your hotel. A 3 hours nightmare.

Sadly but predictably, the massages in Boracay sucks, also, its pricier than what you can get in Bali. The masseuses are noisy! Always chatting with each other no matter which massage place you go to! We had 3 massages in 3 different places and goodness, they can't shut up.

I am a foodie and always open to trying something new. Though Philippines Cuisine is catching on, it's still not as popular as other Asian cuisines. I personally don't like it at all. I was literally hungry the entire time and was ready to settle for a cup noodle from 7-11. Most of their dishes are basic and tasteless (unless you love sourness or soy sauce). 

Boracay is probably the worst tourist trap in the Philippines. It is very pricey here, international cuisines especially. Most of the beach clubs require an entrance fee. Also, they don't really go big on haggling prices unlike most developing asian countries.

but everything else fades to nothing once you get to see the

boracay has amazing sunsets
boracay has the most beautiful sunrise

I have been to countless beaches, from Bali to the famous Cinque Terre, to Phuket, to Barcelona, Italy,  and nothing compares to Boracay! The sunsets here are otherworldly and the sunrise is worth waking up to. I feel theres something magical about sunsets and sunrises, it felt like by doing so, you're cleansing something within you.

The beaches are PERFECTION. I am surprised by the cleanliness of the beach. Despite the 24hours beach parties, they somehow managed to maintain such cleanliness. It also helps that no smoking is allowed except for designated areas.

We came here to party and that's what we did every night! it wasn't disappointing at all, we all had a blast.


2 nights in Cebu was just nice for us. The city of Cebu is very busy as compared to Boracay.
I felt like Im in 2 different countries when in Cebu City and in Boracay. In Cebu, I see alot of beggars and the air felt polluted. The traffic was insane so we prefer to get a bike taxi to get us around.

The highlight of this Cebu trip has definitely got to be swimming with the Whale Sharks.
I have mixed feelings about this experience. 
swimming with the whale sharks in cebu

wow. A close encounter and such a humbling experience swimming with these beautiful, majestic, gentle creatures. You will be put in a group of about 10 into a small boat where they'll bring you towards the centre of the enclosed area where they lulled the whale sharks. It didn't sink in until much later how big these creatures were. I remember seeing bubbles and movement in the water, and then mouths and then more movement. My guide announced loudly " ok get in now!"

After that amazing experience, I actually felt guilty. I realise how many tourists were actually swimming with the whale sharks at once. And how the fisherman lulled the whale sharks with food. I know for a fact its definitely disrupting the natural food cycle of the whale sharks. Later, I read the whale sharks are now spending up to 6 hours feeding in Oslob, losing out on some of the key nutrients that they gain from foraging naturally. That being said, I wont support such activity and will not be doing it again. I hope to be a responsible traveller and to educate you if you're unaware of such practises. 

Pictures of spectacular waterfalls in Cebu has flooded Instagram and has fuelled the wanderlust for me to come and see for myself. It didn't disappoint me at all! We managed to visit the Tumalog Falls which was spectacular and thankfully not crowded, It is much less popular than the Kawasan Falls but our guide said most locals prefer the Tumalog Falls because its beautiful

Let the pictures do the talking because the fusion food found in these famous cafes are delicious!

1. 10,000 roses cafe! Beautiful & definitely Instagram worthy!

2. The seafood place next to 10,000 roses. Dine in by the little hut overlooking the sea. Their fresh mango shake is to die for. I literally finished it in 5 minues.

3. A Korean fusion cafe at Cebu City

korean cafe at cebu city 

I enjoyed this vacation and glad that I've ticked the Philippines off my list. Im still searching for the next destination that can blew my mind away with their sunset like how Boracay did!

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