Travel Tips

How do you travel so much? How many leaves does your Company gives you? Are you earning alot? How do you save your money!

These are the frequently asked questions I get whenever I tell someone about my travel plans.

Leaves/ Work Off Days

1. When I used to work in the Bank, I got 23days leaves which is great! But I left the Finance Industry and joined a startup company who gave me 15 days leaves.

Tip : I always check the public holidays and take note of any long weekends. I will plan my travels as such that I'm making use of the long weekends in addition to my leaves. Planning is crucial in this case! I normally fly on Friday evening and return on Saturday evening; this way I will save my leaves!

Money Talk?

2. I wish I could say I earn alot but I am earning like any other fresh graduate. I use my savings for my travels.

How do I save money?
Every month , I  instruct the bank to deduct $800 from my pay into my "Travel Savings".

 I always try to bring Lunch Box to work, this could easily save me $30 a week!
 I always use the public transport and avoid taxi. I limit myself to 4 taxi rides a month
 I dont go out at all during weekdays except on Fridays.
* I set myself a limit of $500 every month to spend. If I exceed, it means I am actually using my Travel Savings which require me to do a bank transfer!
Tip : Make it really a hassle for you to use your saving money!

It is important to find a balance between work, family and travel. Sometimes, I have to use my Travel Savings on family responsibilities like paying for my brother's school or  when my Mother needs me to buy groceries. Always remember that what you are saving now is for something you really love and it will be worth it. Set a realistic amount to save for your travels each month!

1. Familiarize yourself with the price of the tickets to your dream destination
2. Download Skyscanner and create a price alert everytime it goes down!
3. Know your priorities. For example, I know that $1200 will automatically be taken off from my pay cheque due to responsibilites, loans and bills
4. Try to save more than what you have set for yourself!

It wont be as hard as you think because you are creating anticipation for yourself, a motivation to work hard and save for the name of Travel!

Remember in this case, Money does buy happiness!

Let me know if you have any other tricks for savings!

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